Letter of Recommendation
Paul Ihrig

To potential employer,

I have been working with NBBJ for the past eight months as a contract database and web developer. I have been working with Paul Ihrig for the entire span.

Paul and I have worked on a number of projects ranging from small employee information systems to a full Company Intranet that supports a staff of nearly 800 employees. This system supports departments from Marketing, to Human Resources to Project Management. In all of these project Paul has been a great asset to the team. Not only in his programming and ability and database knowledge, but as well in his continued ideas for improvements, capabilities and functionality.

Paul has been responsible for a number of web applications that benefit and are used by NBBJ daily. The knowledge of knowing that a project can be given to Paul and it will be completed in full, within budget and time constraints is very reassuring.

Paul would be a good addition to any development team, and I fully recommend his abilities.

Brian Ware
Data Chameleon
(206) 442-1170