October 22, 2002

Timothy M. Berical
1555 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43204

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am the Marketing Manager here at NBBJ and have had the pleasure of working with Paul Ihrig on numerous occasions during his tenure with the firm. Whatever the need, I found him to be extremely insightful and accommodating.

Our requests were anything but typical. They ranged from project-specific website development to video production to issues involving software applications. Whatever the topic, Paul was always willing to take on the assignment.

He possesses a wonderful mix of graphic design and software programming expertise. In addition, he recognizes the value of “pushing back” in order to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations.

Armed with the briefest of details, Paul is able to quickly ascertain the most effective and efficient way of getting the job done. Rather than wait until all the information is in hand, he takes the initiative to get the ball rolling.

It has been a pleasure working alongside Paul. I am confident that he will succeed in any position for which he feels qualified. I would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding my experiences with him. Please call me at 614.224.7145.


Timothy M. Berical